What's In Store

If you are looking for a year where you can grow in God, be renewed and transformed and be equipped for ministry, in order to walk into the fullness of your destiny, then TMT is a perfect fit!

We provide a unique training program in the morning. In order for us to keep on welcoming people from all cultures, our program is presented in English. During this year, you will be exposed to many different teachers, including passionate and experienced Church Leaders. You will also receive practical training and ministry and have the opportunity to apply your training in real life ministry settings. During the afternoons all students will be involved in one of three electives i.e. studying, working or serving.

We consider these electives to be part of the complete package of what students will learn during their time with us. Together with many others, you can enjoy this journey, and invest a year of your life to change the rest of your life!

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Our Approach To Training

At TMT we aim to adequately equip our students and open doors for them through our training, by enabling them to minister to a broad scope of people across denominational, geographical and cultural boundaries. This in addition to our biblical approach to theology has compelled us to develop a dynamic and comprehensive program. In order to present relevant ministry training of the highest standard, we have incorporated training material from a number of different sources, along with material we have developed ourselves.   After completing the year long program, a student will obtain a Certificate of Attendance from TMT. Therefore TMT is not an accredited course in itself, but a compilation of courses and practical training that has especially been put together for greatest impact and change in the life of the student. The TMT program consists of morning classes, and leaves the afternoons open for a student to choose an afternoon elective of their choice.

Theological Training

One of the main methods of training at TMT is the input received during class time. As a training school, we have made use of various curricula over the years and have drawn from that experience, as well as from the experience of ministers who have been in ministry for a number of years, to compile our curriculum.

Students will be exposed to a variety of teachers from within JoshGen as well as other local and international teachers. These teachers have successfully come to understand the theory behind certain concepts, as well as have practical on-the-job experience. In compiling this program, we have attempted to create a “greenhouse” environment through which students will be given the opportunity to grow most effectively for life and ministry.

 Practical training and living in local church community

Practical training will give the students the opportunity to put into practice what they have been taught. This will not only equip the student, but also serve as a catalyst for releasing them into active ministry. By exposing the student to different disciplines of Christian ministry, we create a reasonable perception of ministry, therefore aiding the student in the process of clarifying their own call to ministry while spreading the Word of God and ministering to others.

Part of this will include a number of visits to, and exposure to local Joshua Generation Church congregational life (as part of ministry times, impartation opportunities and fellowship time). We believe that these visits, exposure to church life in different context and involvement within a local body, will have a big influence on the training and shaping of every student.

The practical training will focus on several areas of ministry in South Africa and abroad, including:

Church Life
By being actively involved in the life of Joshua Generation Church, the students will gain hands-on experience with regard to church leadership and church life. They will also be exposed to different disciplines and healthy New Testament values. Their interaction with a number of the JoshGen congregations during the course of the year will also introduce them to the wider church family, with opportunities to not only be exposed to different contexts but to make new friends and form relationships for life. For more information on Joshua Generation Church please visit our website at www.joshgen.org.za.

Schools Ministry
Students will have the opportunity to be involved in the planning and administration of youth ministries and activities alongside mentors. This can take the form of involvement in school Christian Action meetings, Bible Education classes, hosting camps, youth-weeks/outreaches as well as other Christian activities.

Ministry To The Poor
The students will have opportunity to minister to the poor, bringing physical relief as well as spiritual riches to people in need. This opportunity to serve others and lay down their life for someone else, as Jesus taught, will stir the students’ hearts with compassion and open up another facet to ministry.

Weekly Outreaches
There will also be an opportunity for each student to commit to one or two areas of ministry in the community where they will be attending church on a Sunday.  These outreaches will take place on Wednesdays which we call “LOVE days”. Through LOVE days, we will expose students to various forms of local ministry (youth / children / farms / evangelism / children’s homes etc.) We place high value on these outreach days, because they create a culture of reaching out on a continual basis.

Outreach Trips
Students will have opportunity to participate in three types of outreaches:

  • Local – Local outreaches will take place once a week into the local community.
  • National – National outreaches occur twice a year for a period of two to three weeks.
  • International – We do not have any planned international outreaches, however students are encouraged to participate in at least one of the international outreaches JoshGen and Four12 organise in the course of the year. TMT will not be involved in the arrangements of any international outreaches nor is this included in the program fees. Any costs allocated to an international outreach will be over and above the TMT program fees.

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Why do I need to come to TMT if I can be discipled in my own congregation?

Even though the value of discipleship in your local church is undeniably important, we have seen that when a person intentionally moves out of what is known and comfortable to focus their time on growing in God, there is exponential growth that happens. TMT is like a greenhouse–the growth that you would have seen over a few years often happens in the span of one year.

If you feel the call of ministry on your life, it is so important that you take time to be trained, prepared and shaped in order to become a man or a woman of God. At TMT, our desire and aim is to take hands with those that feel the call to ministry and to journey through training; in the Bible, in practice, in character, and in day to day living.