Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. Matt 28:19-20

Timothy Ministry Training (TMT) is a one year intensive discipleship training programme focussed on training men and women of God for life and ministry. As a ministry of Joshua Generation Church (JoshGen), we firmly believe in the role of the local church and the value of being part of a church family. Because of this our training takes place within the context of the local church, with a focus placed on both theoretical learning and practical application through direct experience.

Jesus is our model in all things and it is our goal to model the way we train our students, on the way He walked with His disciples on a day-to-day basis.

There are three main ways that Jesus trained His disciples, which we incorporate in the way that we train and equip people. We see from His life that He showed them what to do, then He did it with them, and lastly He sent them out to do it – what a powerful recipe!


Jesus spent a lot His time with the disciples teaching them, and explaining the nature of the Kingdom to them. Likewise, a large part of our training is focussed on teaching and equipping our students about the ways of the Kingdom. These key learning times are facilitated by a variety of men and women that have proved to be not only knowledgeable in different areas of ministry and church life, but have faithfully walked it out in their own lives.


Jesus did not merely teach His disciples the ways of the Kingdom, He modelled the lifestyle of a citizen of the Kingdom and showed them how to exercise their authority. After showing them, He sent them to do likewise! Why did he do this? So that the concepts taught could go from intellectual head knowledge to a new way of life. At TMT students are more thoroughly equipped for life and ministry by being exposed to a diverse group of gifted men and women, and by being given the opportunity to practice what they have learnt. But it does not stop there – they are encouraged to do the same in organised outreach times, as well as in their everyday life.


In the three and half years that Jesus lived with the disciples they shared life in every aspect. They had deep meaningful relationships, which made it possible for Him to speak the truth in love and directly into their lives. At TMT it is not our intent to be a distant lifeless training institution, but a place where we ARE family, where we care for one another and know each other. Everything we do is garnered towards building this. We value community living, with deep meaningful relationships at its core and believe that without relationship, effective discipleship cannot take place.

Andrew Selley


I am extremely excited about Timothy Ministry Training and the impact it will have on your life and on the lives of others through you. We are raising up a generation of Timothy’s and Titus’s within an apostolic household; already many who have gone before are serving God and making an impact in other nations! Our passion is to see each person who completes this year of training, walking into his or her God-given destiny. Join us for a year that will change the rest of your life!

  • "During my time at TMT I learned how wonderful it is to see others walk in their destinies. I learned that unity with others is key to completing any task successfully, and that working in team is so much better than being a lone wolf. I also learned how to follow and honor my leaders, and I was trained in how to lead others. I was taught how to have a personal relationship with Jesus in everyday life, and my life has never been the same."  
    Michael Joubert - Youth and Worship leader at JoshGen Sunningdale AM
  • "Amongst many things, TMT taught me to have an excellent work ethic both in attitude and in quality of work and the joy there is in doing it unto Jesus. This has helped me tremendously in my life in the corporate world where dishonesty and poor quality of work is common. The best of all is that this has not only been taught to me by the leaders of TMT, but time and time again been displayed to me during outreaches, classes, youth camps and socials, and has therefore been engraved in me."  
    Morne Olivier - Vineyard Manager at Backsberg Wine Estate and Children’s Ministry Leader at JoshGen Stellenbosch
  • "TMT was an incredible experience for me and played a big role in preparing me for what I am doing today. TMT helped to shape my understanding of Church and Ministry to a Biblical viewpoint. As much as the academics taught me about God, relationships taught me to be a man of character. I highly recommend TMT to anyone with a desire to serve God."
    Christopher Neethling - Elder at JoshGen Durbanville
  • "My time at TMT taught me to hold on to Jesus in every season and I discovered what it means to be part of a spiritual family. I had Biblical foundations built into my life that have shaped the way I aim to live my life and the way I minister."  
    Lounel van der Merwe - Team Leader and Marketing Coordinator at Salt and Light Kids