Our Stories and Testimonies

“Before TMT I knew a lot about Theology, but I was clueless when it came to practically ministering to people. I used to get so caught up with having the right beliefs that I often missed the person in the process. TMT taught me to minister the truth in love.”

Debra Bosman (Academic Coordinator at TMT – Graduated in 2008 with a BTh degree through TMT, currently 28 years old)

“What we learned during our time at TMT – Fight to be in God’s will with everything you have. It might not always be the easiest place to be, but God’s perfect will, is the best and safest place to be. Romans 5:3-5 “Suffering produces perseverance,  perseverance character,  character hope, and hope does not put us to shame” And through it all,  knowing that we are not forsaken – Hebrew 13:5. This is something we carry to this day,  wherever we find ourselves.”

Gustav Stander (Graduated 2010 with a BTh degree through TMT, currently 26 years old, lived as a missionary in Taiwan for 3 years, now living and ministering in Kimberley, Northan Cape, South Africa) and  Janelle Stander (Graduated 2009 with a BTh Degree through TMT,currently 27 years old, lived as missionaries in Taiwan, now living and ministering in Kimberley, Northern Cape)

“The training we received in Timothy Ministry Team(TMT) was catalytic in preparing us for ministry. The sound Biblical teaching and practical ministry exposure equipped us with a solid foundation in God’s word and invaluable experiential knowledge and skills for ministering in and through the local church. Among other things, TMT’s emphasis on cultivating an intimate relationship with God, their embrace of the Holy Spirit’s presence and power, and passion to see lives transformed by the power of the gospel has left a deep imprint on our lives. We will always be thankful for what God imparted into our lives during our time in TMT”

Andrew Murray (Graduated 2009 with a BTh degree through TMT, currently 27years old, living and ministering in Taiwan) and Doret Murray (TMT student of 2009, currently 30 years old, living and ministering in Taiwan)

“The impact that my year at TMT had on my life, was and still is huge! For the first time in my life I got to know what it truly means to be church. Loving God together with others, and loving others as well. The words on the pages of the Bible, came to life for me in that year and I started seeing concepts like leadership and discipleship, being done Biblically and also saw the growth and impact that it had(being done Biblically), on people’s lives. That changed my whole worldview!! The year was filled with laughing, crying, worshiping, learning, and growing together. I would definitely encourage anyone to do this year! It really changed my life!”

WD Jonker (Completed the one year course in 2011 – currently 22 years old, living and ministering in Bloemfontein, South Africa)