After the completion of the TMT First year, students may apply for an Internship.

Through our Intern program, we aim to further equip students that believe they are called into full-time serving and ministry in the church.

The first year of Internship will be based in Wellington. Students get to participate in weekly classes from a variety of men and woman of God that have deep wells of experience in ministry. There are also different serving and leading responsibilities given to every intern that can help shape them in character and grow them in skill.

When the Internship year has been completed, there is the option of a second internship year. Here we place interns into serving positions at one of our JoshGen or Four12 partnering churches with the focus on them receiving first-hand experience, training and mentoring in the life of a church.

The aim of the internship is to help our students prepare for and be guided into the destiny that God has for them.  We don’t just want to help them discover it, we also want to help them to walk in it.