Your Curriculum
With our curriculum we aim to cover the following areas:

  • Systematic Theology or Systematic Studies :  Using a topical approach, this subject will aid students to develop a whole-Bible theology on the major doctrines of the Christian Faith.
  • Practical Ministry or practical studies/ equipping : This course equips students with the practical skills needed to be a well-rounded and effective minister, communicator and leader.
  • Christian Life and Spiritual Growth : The aim of this course is to equip students with the necessary foundations and tools for a grounded spiritual life.
  • Biblical Studies : To understand the context in which each book in the Bible is written and its individual purpose, this subject provides the student with an overview for both the Old and New Testament. Specific Bible books are selected for more in-depth study.
  • Book Discussions : Specific books are selected annually for the year. Each book will have a different emphasis and be discussed weekly.

Timothy Ministry Training incorporates more than the conveying of information to the end of attaining an attendance certificate. It facilitates the growth of a student, equipping them to effectively fulfil their destiny by supplying the necessary competencies and experience to succeed. Developing a person to walk as someone of character, with a dynamic relationship with God who will be effective in whatever they set out to do. It leads to an individual, encountered by a living God, changed and ready to bring change!

Class Schedule & Afternoon Program

The TMT programme will run from 8:30 until 13:00 during week days. During these times you will have devotional times, team times, impartation classes, preparation for outreach, practical classes and more!

During the afternoons all students will be expected to get involved in one of two electives. We want to make it clear that even though the official TMT program will only be until 1pm in the afternoons, the student will be expected to get involved in one of the two electives mentioned below. We consider these electives to be part of the complete package of what students will learn during their time with us.

The TMT theoretical course does not offer any academic qualification. We do endeavour to create opportunity for our students to study any correspondence studies if they wish to do so. Students will be able to use the time in the afternoons to study the course that they feel will best qualify and equip them for what God has called them to do. Students, who want to study Theology on a full time basis, can do so through SATS (South African Theological Seminary) at a discounted rate. TMT will assist students by offering regular tutorials and assisting with necessary administration linked to their studies at SATS.

The second option that the student will have is to find a half day job during the afternoons. This option can assist students with their financial responsibilities.  In addition to that, being exposed to a normal work environment can assist them in practically applying and grounding what they have learnt at TMT.

If a student chooses not to study or cannot find a job during the afternoons, the student will be expected to serve to some capacity. In such a case TMT will provide serving opportunities at the school, the church or on our property.